Frequently Asked Questions

You absolutely can use ChatGPT to create a resume or cover letter, especially if you already know what makes a good one. However, using ChatGPT effectively requires a clear understanding of resume and cover letter best practices, which can take time and effort to learn. Additionally, not everyone knows how to prompt ChatGPT to get the best results, which can lead to frustration and subpar documents.

Crafting a high-quality document with ChatGPT involves a lot of manual tweaking and iteration. Each time you need a new resume or cover letter tailored to a specific job, you'll have to redo much of that work. Our AI-powered tool streamlines this process by automatically generating tailored resumes and cover letters based on the information you provide, saving you time and ensuring consistency across multiple applications.

ProRes saves you time by quickly generating tailored resumes and cover letters, and it increases your interview rate by ensuring your application documents are optimized for each job.

Recruiters rely heavily on applicant tracking systems (ATS) to sift through resumes efficiently. These systems automatically filter out candidates who don't meet specific qualifications outlined in the job description. However, even if a candidate possesses the necessary skills and experience, if these are not articulated effectively on their resume, they risk being overlooked.

Crafting multiple versions of your resume and cover letter tailored to different job descriptions is crucial. Each version should highlight relevant skills and experiences in alignment with the job requirements. ProRes simplifies this process by automatically customizing your resume and cover letter to match the specifications of each job listing. By doing so, ProRes enhances your documents' effectiveness, ensuring they resonate with recruiters and increasing your chances of passing through ATS filters. This not only boosts your interview rate but also saves you valuable time in the application process.

To create a resume and cover letter using ProRes, follow these easy steps. First, sign up to get started. You can either import your existing resume or build a new profile from scratch. Once you've set up your profile, let us know about the job you're applying for. We'll then generate a customized resume and cover letter for you, which you can easily edit, export, and use for your job applications. It's a straightforward process designed to make creating professional application documents hassle-free!

Yes! Users are encouraged to sign up and try what ProRes has to offer prior to purchasing premium access to the tool. Currently users can make one resume and one cover letter for free before being required to purchase.

ProRes stands out for its speed and quality. Our AI quickly generates high-quality, tailored resumes and cover letters, saving you time and effort. Unlike other services that rely on subscription models and don’t prioritize your success, ProRes offers a one-time purchase option. We focus on providing effective tools to enhance your job applications without ongoing fees.
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