Frequently Asked Questions

The resume builder creates ATS optimized resumes that are targeted for each job you wish to apply to.

Recruiters rely heavily on applicant tracking systems (ATS) to sift through resumes efficiently. These systems automatically filter out candidates who don't meet specific qualifications outlined in the job description. However, even if a candidate possesses the necessary skills and experience, if these are not articulated effectively on their resume, they risk being overlooked.

Crafting multiple versions of your resume tailored to different job descriptions is crucial. Each version should highlight relevant skills and experiences in alignment with the job requirements. ProRes simplifies this process by automatically customizing your resume to match the specifications of each job listing. By doing so, ProRes enhances your resume's effectiveness, ensuring it resonates with recruiters and saves you valuable time in the application process.

To create a resume using ProRes, follow these easy steps. First, sign up to get started. You can either import your existing resume or build a new profile from scratch. Once you've set up your profile, let us know about the job you're applying for. We'll then generate a customized resume for you, which you can easily edit, export, and use for your job applications. It's a straightforward process designed to make creating a professional resume hassle-free!

Yes! Users are encouraged to sign up and try what ProRes has to offer prior to purchasing premium access to the tool. Currently users can make one resume for free using our resume builder before being required to purchase.

ProRes allows users to build a profile and pulls from that data to generate your resume. This allows us to rapidly generate resumes without requiring users to enter redundant information. We offer high-quality results for very little effort for the user.
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