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Effortlessly generate tailored resumes that are optimized to land the job. With ProRes it only takes a few minutes to write the resume that unlocks your future.

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How Does Work?

Unlock the ability to tailor your resume for each job opportunity. With our resume builder, you fill out your profile once then ProRes uses that information to generate a resume that improves your chances of landing an interview.

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Easy to Use

It's really simple! All you have to do is build out your profile using an existing resume or from scratch, tell us about the job you're applying for, review the resume we write for you, and then apply for the job!


Effective writes targeted resumes that are ATS optimized. When compared to other resume builders, our simple ATS optimized resumes trump the template based resume format. Our focus is on getting you the job!


Time Saving

Make resumes fast! By building your profile once you can rapidly generate resumes that are targeted to the jobs you are applying for. We take out the redundancy of having to start from scratch or having to modify old resumes. Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all resume! Pricing 👉 Pricing 👇

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  • Create Unlimited AI-Enhanced Resumes
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